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Assistant mentor

Want to help young people broaden their horizons and assist our young mentors in their weekly mentoring sessions but do not have the time to become a mentor? This position is ideal for you! You will be assigned a specific mentoring group to help out on a weekly basis. Arrangements can be made with the mentor of the group who will notify you of upcoming trips and retreats where you will have the opportunity to assist in spiritual, academic, values-based, and social mentoring. This will also be a great form of training for anyone considering a mentoring position in the future.


To become a volunteer at NC Youth Development, please email to Once satisfied with it, please send it over for a review and expect to be contacted for a short and informal interview. If successful, you will have to enroll in various training courses.


Supervisor supporter 

Our supervisors have many mentoring groups to organize and support throughout the year. You could become a supervisor supporter if you would like to commit attending weekly supervisor meetings and assist in coordinating retreats. Not only would this massively reduce the workload of the supervisors, but also train you to become a great mentor yourself.

The volunteering positions available for the new academic year are as follows: